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Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health
Abortion Clinic in Tennessee

1547 W. Clinch Avenue
Knoxville, Tennessee 37916

Local: 865-637-3861 Toll Free: 800-325-5357


Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health is a small not-for-profit educational reproductive health center dedicated to providing women with a wide range of medical services, including pregnancy testing, routine gynecological care, medical abortion (Abortion Pill) up to 8 weeks, surgical abortion up to 16 weeks, Morning After Pill, family planning counseling, and contraceptive (birth control) options.

Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health Abortion Clinic serves the following areas:
Old North Knoxville, Emory Place, Vestall, Nashville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, Kentucky, La Follette, Maryville, Alcoa, Louisville, Seymour, Sevierville, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge

Knoxville, Tennessee

Volunteer Women's Medical Clinic

313 Concord Street
Tyson Medical Complex
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919

Local: 865-522-5173 Toll Free: 800-435-1106


We are a women's health center specializing in family planning and abortion services. I began working here in 1982 and later became the owner of the clinic. As a nurse, a mother and a feminist, I wanted to create a different atmosphere for women confronting sexuality and pregnancy decisions. I have created a place for you to find and hear your own voice. So, in our clinic we tell the truth, we talk about the hard "stuff," we laugh, we cry, and we hold women in high regard.

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Find Abortion Clinic Section Header ArtABORTION CLINICS IN TENNESSEE

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Area Medical Center for Women

29 S. Bellevue Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38104

Local: 901-722-8050


Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Center for Reproductive Health

1726 Poplar Ave.
Memphis TN 38104

Local 901-274-3550


Memphis Center for Reproductive Health is a private, non-profit health care clinic offering a wide range of reproductive health services for women and men, as well as education and outreach for the community.

We encourage individuals to understand their bodies and the choices available to them and to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

MCRH does not discriminate based on gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation, body size, religion, cultural heritage, or disability.

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Find Abortion Clinic Section Header ArtABORTION CLINICS IN TENNESSEE


Nashville, Tennessee

The Women's Center

419 Welshwood Dr.
Nashville, TN 37211

Local: 615-331-1200

Toll Free: 800-847-5107


The Women's Center has been serving the women of Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas since 1990. We hope this site will help you become better acquainted with our office and lead you to choose us for your health care needs.

Our center offers surgical abortions for women whose pregancy age is from 6 weeks 3 days up to 16 weeks, as well as medical abortions for women whose pregnancy is 63 days or less from the first day of their last menstrual period. Pregnancy age will be verified by ultrasound and doctor's exam to confirm eligibility for either abortion option. We also provide various gynecological services, including but not limited to annual exams, pap testing, STD testing, ultrasounds, pregnancy testing and birth control options including pills, IUD, and depo injection.

Our office provides two private surgical suites, ultrasound rooms, and private consultation rooms. The center has been designed to provide you with modern medical evaluations by using state-of-the-art equipment. An in-house lab and medical technicians help provide you with the convenience of receiving comprehensive medical services in one facility. These services will make your visit more convenient and also help hold down your health care costs.

Find Abortion Clinic Section Header ArtABORTION CLINICS NEAR TENNESSEE

Asheville, North Carolina

Femcare, Inc.

62 Orange Street
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

Local: 828-255-8400 Toll Free: 800-228-1560


Femcare provides a confidential, caring, and supportive environment for abortion services.

Femcare is the only ambulatory surgical facility specializing in medical and surgical abortion in Western North Carolina. Femcare is licensed by the state of North Carolina, and has been locally owned and operated since 1985. Femcare is dedicated to providing low-cost, high quality healthcare for women.

- North Carolina state licensed facility
- Board certified female OB/GYN
- Certified Nurse Midwives/ Practitoners
- Member of National Abortion Federation
- Member of NCAP--National Coalition of Abortion Providers
- Locally owned and operated for over 15 years
- Complete Confidentiality
- Most Insurance accepted

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Abortion Clinic - Late Therapeutic Abortion

Local: 303-447-1361 Toll Free: 800-535-1287


Detroit, Michigan

Scotsdale Women's Center

For more than 30 years, Scotsdale Women's Center has been providing women with the best possible and most affordable reproductive health care in the Detroit area. We provide quality medical care in a clean, comfortable atmosphere, educating women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health care.

Detroit - Southfield - Royal Oak - Rochester Scotsdale Women's Center

Local: 313-538-2020


Granite City, Illinois

Hope Clinic for Women

1602 21st Street
Granite City, Illinois 62040

Local: 618-451-5722 Toll Free: 800-844-3130


The Hope Clinic for Women, Ltd. is located in Granite City, Illinois, directly across 21st Street from Gateway Regional Medical Center. It is at the corner of 21st and Iowa in a modern, two-story, yellow block building with purple trim. Free parking in front of the building.

The clinic is 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

At Hope, we encourage the young adults we meet with to talk to their parents. We know that parents want to be involved and "in the know" with their child's life. However, ultimately that is a decision we leave to our patient.

Studies have shown young women are more likely to experience a favorable outcome after an abortion if their parents are supportive. It is also reported that women under the age of 22 were more heavily influenced emotionally by parents' support than be a male partner's support.

At Hope Clinic, we understand that abortion is a highly personal matter. It's a decision that only you can make. Our mission is to preserve the emotional well-being of women regardless of their decision. By providing counseling and unconditional care in a supportive atmosphere‹we help women make an informed decision that is right for them. Hope Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality medical and emotional careŠwith dignity and compassion.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Piedmont Carolina Medical Clinic

Local: 336-273-9485


Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock Family Planning Service

4 Office Park Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

Local: 501-255-3836 Toll Free: 1-800-272-2183


Medical Excellence, Confidentiality, State of the Art Women's Health Care Provided in a Safe and Secure Setting

In 1973, when the U.S. Supreme court ruled in Roe vs. Wade that abortion is a fundamental right and a legal choice, Curtis E. Stover, MD, became the first Arkansas physician to offer outpatient abortion services.

In 1999, Dr. Stover retired and Dr Jerry Edwards, MD became Medical Director. Ann Osborne, PA-C, a Board Certified Physician Assistant with specialty training in Women's Health joined Dr. Edwards as Clinic Director.

Our clinic enjoys a well-deserved reputation for quality patient care and surgical excellence. Additionally, it meets or exceeds all standards for patient care set forth by the Arkansas Health Department and is inspected annually. We also adhere to the Standards of the National Abortion Federation , of which we are founding members.

Our clinical staff model utilizes a team approach to provide the best possible care for each patient, enhanced by an attitude of warmth, respect, and complete confidentiality.

We recognize and believe that all women who come to us for our services have individual needs and circumstances. Because of this, we have always provided individual one-on-one counseling in complete privacy. However, at the request of the patient, we allow one escort or family member to join the counseling session.

Raleigh, North Carolina

A Woman's Choice of Raleigh

3305 Drake Circle
Raleigh, NC 27607

Local: 919-781-6934 Toll Free: 800-540-5690


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